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Dr. Morris is unique in today's world of medicine. Most specialists look at one area of the body whereas Dr. Morris takes the time to consider the entire landscape of symptoms and conditions. He uses a patient's history, comprehensive intake interview, and complete physical exam to determine what treatment is needed. Rather than just treat symptoms, he works to understand the origin of the problem and uses that as a pathway toward resolution. Dr. Morris devotes 100% of his practice to his specialty in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) or Cranial Osteopathy. He uses his hands to diagnose and treat patients noninvasively. He is currently the only traditional osteopath in New Jersey with Board Certification in Pediatrics. OMM is beneficial for people of all ages from newborns to mature adults.

As Featured in the Newark Star-Ledger Dr. Morris is the "Doc who takes a different approach to healing."
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"Dr. Morris took the time to listen to me and to 'get to know' my son and tailor his treatment to our child's specific needs."
~ Mary Fletcher, Millburn, NJ

"His goal is not to keep you coming back, but to awaken 'the inner physician' in each of us and make the need for his services obsolete."
~ Stuart Miller, Livingston, NJ

"My mother has taken me to a lot of different doctors from the Pacific Northwest to Germany. Dr. Morris is the first doctor who treated my problem not the symptoms. "
~ Alec Wrana, Middle School Student , Basking Ridge, NJ

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